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August 2008  
Understand Rationale for Screening
ABCD History
Employ AAP Screening Guidelines
Kids Eye Disorders
Observed Strabismus especially Esotropia
Avoid Stereo Testing in pre-School and Kindergarten
Vision Screening
Pursue Early Objective Screening
ABCD Clinics
Suresight with High PPV Interpret
ADBC with central DCC intrepretation
Contact ABCD
iScreen with Central Interpretation
MTI comparable with Central VOIC-like Interpretation
Mandate and Reimburse Objective age 1-2 and 3-K
Assured Monocular (patched) acuity testing
Valid, age-appropriate Optotypes
Surround or Crowded HOTV or HOTVAX
ABCD Flip Card with pinhole match
Home HOTV Acuity Box
Surround or Crowded LEA
Prompt, Consistent Confirmatory Exam and Treat
Provide Prompt Sturdy Spectacles and assure Follow-Up til age 10
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