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The most-widely used Photoscreener in the end of the 20th Century was developed by Dr. Howard Freedman from Redmond, Washington. ABCD has had excellent experience with 18 of these cameras which were marketed and supported by a company called Medical Technology and Innovations (MTI). This same camera will be available from Feakins Howson Partnership since it is no longer supported by Eye Care International (5/06). By October 2006, Please contact Photoscreener, Inc.

Dr. Freedman developed a sturdy, portable, simple-to-use device with a superb dim-light focusing mechanism called the EyeCor. This photoscreener was desiged to work with Polaroid 337 high-speed B&W film (this film has been replaced by 667 film and older cameras must be retrofit). The PhotoScreener takes two, sequential, orthogonal magnified images. The flash is oriented above, and to the right of the child so hyperopic light crescents are located down (not hidden by the brow) and the the child's left side. The camera runs on rechargeable batteries but also by A/C cord. A package of film will screen ten children, unless repeat images are required (highly recommended by ABCD if image quality not good on first try).

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News (5-06) from Jeremy Feakins, the other man behind this great tool:

Firstly, in 1992 I acquired the rights to the technology for a vision screening device (EyeCor) from the inventor, Howard Freedman. I then established Medical Technology (MTI) and using Dr. Freedman’s technology developed a vision screening device MTI named the PhotoScreener. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the US Government in 1995 granted MTI marketing clearance for the PhotoScreener.

Since 1995, MTI has manufactured and produced several thousand PhotoScreener’s and delivered them to Pediatric Ophthalmologists, Lions Clubs, Hospitals, Doctors and Vision Screeners in countries around the world.

In 2004, the PhotoScreener technology was sold to Eye Care International (Tampa, FL).

In April 2006, the Feakins Howson Partnership (FHP), a Pennsylvania General Partnership purchased the PhotoScreener technology from Eye Care International.

FHP has now re-established the manufacturing, service and marketing operations for the PhotoScreener and is currently in the process of developing a new digital vision screening device. FHP is currently ramping up production to meet a large backlog of PhotoScreener orders. The new digital vision screening device is expected to be completed by mid 2007.

Please contact me at once if I can answer any questions or provide any additional information.

With best personal regards,

Jeremy P. Feakins
Managing Partner
Growth Capital Resources, LLC
800 South Queen Street
Pennsylvania 17603
United States of America

Tel: 717 390 3777
Fax: 717 390 3776
Mobile: 917 679 2005



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