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Conventional monocular acuity screening can be reimbused using CPT code 99173.

Starting January 2008, 99174 shall be used to bill for internnaly interpreted photoscreening! Human "manually" interpreted photoscreening with iScreen and option with GoCheck Kids should bill with 99177.

Please do NOT use eye exam code 92004 or medical exam code 9921_ since it should be available for the confirmatory exam if a vision screening results in a referral.

Vision Screening
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Objective screening using a photo technique (photoscreening or remote autorefraction) previously could be billed using the category 3 (emerging technology) code 0065T. In January 2008 a level 1 CPT code 99174 was assigned and in November 2008 an RVU of 0.69 was assigned. CMS subsequently de-evaluated even though it is not used for Medicare (grandparent medical insurance).
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David Guyton's novel concept to fund vision screening programs only when they detect real amblyopia

Diagnostic Codes useful for vision screening:

A positive photoscreen is an asymmetric white / yellow image in the pupil and therefore should be coded 360.44 for "leukocoria." Until ruled out by confirmatory exam, you do NOT know the positive photoscreen is not due to retinoblastoma or irregular retinal color. Additional diagnostic codes are V71.89, v41.0, v70.5 (preschool), or 369.3 might also be used for vision screen referrals.



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