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Home Match Box Instructions

#1 Download Acuity HOTV "Box" and Match Card
Fold the HOTV Acuity "Box" with 20/40 or 20/32 outside:
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#2 Get 2 inch tape and sissors
Kids Eye Disorders
#3 Get 3x5 card and ball-point pen (pseudo-glasses)
#4 Get ruler or tape measure
Vision Screening
Choose 20/40 for up to Kindergarten or 20/32 for 3rd grade
Each side of the HOTV Acuity "Box" should be exactly 2.5 inches or 63.5 mm wide. If your's prints small, you need to test your child closer than 10 feet. If yours prints slightly larger, you need to test further than 10 feet. Measure the side of your box in millimeters designated "L". Your testing distance, from the Acuity HOTV "Box" to your child will be L/0.5292 inches.
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YouTube demo
Important: Cut out a 2" [Duct]Tape Patch:
  Fold the Matching Card   Punch the Pinhole Card:
  Video demo    

IActual Screening Instructions:
Patch non-tested eye
20/40 for Kindergarten and younger
20/32 for 3rd grade, 1st and 2nd grades
Construct HOTV "Test Box"
Have child match with the test box held 2-3 feet to familiarize.
Then move back so test-box is 10 feet from the child.
Test 1st HOTV letter. Then 2nd, 3rd and 4th.
If child misses 2 or more- refer for eye exam.
If child passes at least 3 of 4, then switch patch to other eye.
Move back 10 feet.
Retest 4 HOTV letters different order.
If child misses 2 or more, refer for eye exam
If child passes 3 of 4, both eyes, GREAT!
For 3rd graders, place "Pinhole" card over eye for retest- refer only those who fail with pinhole.(ball-point pen poke through card)

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