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Alaska Blind Child Discovery

A cooperative, charitable research project to vision screen every preschool Alaskan


Follow these steps: Amblyopia and other Eye Disorders are best treated with confirmatory exams in a Pediatric Ophthalmology Clinic with expert staff and special equipment. When travel and circumstances (COVID-19) prevent exams, Telemedicine can help cure blindness.  
ABCD History
1. WHY? a) Warning signs b) referred c) vision screened d) follow-up  
Kids Eye Disorders
2. Get Telemedicine Home Report either a) pdf b) Microsoft Word or c) html Web Page  
Vision Screening
Video Collection to help with Telemedicine  
ABCD Clinics
3. Check best Visual Acuity right and left with Home Acuity Monitor        
Contact ABCD
4. Nintendo 3DS home near vision Download Free Home Telemedicine 4-page Batch pdf  
5. Depth Perception Pen-Tip Touch

Home Report

Exam Guide Acuity Monitor

Acuity Match Card

Alaska Childrens EYE
6. Get Home Exam Guide
7. Cell phone videos and images of eyes
8. Check / video eye misalignment with Cover Test
Home Acuity Screen
9. Use both index fingers to Estimate Intraocular Pressure (IOP of a Grape)
10. Contact / register at eye clinic. Get clinic's phone, fax, email.

11. Send completed Telemedicine Home Report and how to contact you.

12. Prepare to get a call, text, email, Facetime, etc from eye doctor.



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