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Not Normal Results?

DON'T PANIC if the "Not Normal" Interpretation is circled in the Results Section. You will find the results in the lower left corner of your Data Sheet. While 9 out of 10 children with "Not Normal" results have an eye disorder, almost ALL of them can be successfully treated! If your family already has a convenient eye doctor, call to schedule a Confirmatory Exam SOON. Bring the results to your Exam and encourage your eye doctor to forward the findings of your exam to the ABCD Coordinating Center (so ABCD can continually improve interpretation accuracy). If you do not have a convenient eye doctor, Alaska has two pediatric Ophthalmologists: Dr. Robin Grendahl and Dr. Robert Arnold who specialize in diagnosing and treating all pediatric optical, medical and surgical diseases. The Lions Clubs provide financial assistance to make sure no Alaska Child goes blind due to lack of exam and spectacles! The ABCD Coordinating Center can help you set up a Confirmatory Exam.    
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