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Koyukon ABCD Screening

Starting in the Spring of 2003, Missionary Roger Huntington has flown ABCD screeners to villages in the Koyukon Region offering free enhanced vision screening and confirmatory exams for pre-schoolers and younger elementary students.
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Missionary Pilot Roger Huntington and GCS student Andrew Arnold display objective pre-school vision screen technology before flying Roger's Piper Pacer from Koyukuk to Nulato.

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Koyukon 2006 Mission

Koyukon 2008 Mission

Vision Screening
May 12-15 2006 Mission
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Infants and younger children had confirmatory exams (cycloplegic refractions plus dilated retinal exams) to determine if they had amblyopia. WAMI medical student, Dustin Lang holds durable "Bambino" frame spectacles which were mailed to the children with amblyopia.



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