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Koyukon Village Vision 2008

Elle tests acuity Elle Arnold administers Patched Surround HOTV Acuity using Precision Vision ABCD Flip Cards and Ad Tape and Label new Acuity Patches in Huslia.
May 2-5, 2008 Bob and Elle Arnold accompanied Missionary Roger Huntington to the villages of Huslia, Koyuk and Galena. Don Ernst flew his bright yellow Cessna 180. Hosts were Don and Brenda Ernst (Huslia), Was and Jean Mute (Koyuk) and Roger and Carole Huntington (Galena). 70 were screened and examined for which ten receive spectacles and other treatment for refractive error and amblyopia.
KoyukGroup In Koyuk: Elle Arnold, Don Ernst, Wass and Jean Mute, Roger Huntington and Bob Arnold.
GalenaAcuity Acuity screening at Huntington's in Galena. Each also had PlusOptix S04 and Welch Allyn Suresight screening.
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KoyukScreening Vision Screening Clinic in the Covenant Church in Koyuk, Alaska. portaPhoropter Portable Phoropter for confirmatory exams in Huslia   Koyuk Roger Huntington, Elle Arnold and Wassilie Mut in Koyuk, Alaska Map  
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