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Vision Quest 20/20™

Developed by the Amblyopia Foundation of America
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Drs. Robert Arnold (ABCD) and James O'Neil (A.F.A)., the developer of Vision Quest 20/20™

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The Vision Quest System allows students to acuity test themsilves while playing a computer video game. The student wears spectacles with a blue and a red lens and activates the game with a mouse held 8 to 10 feet from the computer screen. The responsible screener, such as the pediatrician's technician or the school nurse, enters data related to the screening clinic location and the student's name and age. Acuity and stereopsis (depth perception) are recorded. Several different optotypes can be chosen by the user. Vision Quest can also be performed with patching of the non-tested eye rather than using the colored over-glasses. Vision Quest then prints out a report for parents as to whether the child passes acuity each eye plus stereo, or is referred for a confirmatory eye exam. Integration with PlusOptiX and GoCheck Kids.  


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