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PlusOptiX S08


PlusOptiX is the latest in an important line of computer-interpreted, infrared photoscreeners that rapidly estimate refractive error, pupil size and ocular alignment. Excessive refractive error and ocular misalignment are some of the most important risk factors for amblyopia. ABCD has extensive experience with PlusOptiX S04 from the initial delivery by Christian Schmidt in 2006. An overwhelming generosity by PlusOptix and the District 49A and B Lions Clubs has allowed ABCD to purchase ten of these. In honor of one of ABCD's most faithful, most widely traveled, and most experienced screeners, Julie Smith, ABCD is going to get America's first PlusOptiX S08. The Julie Smith Camera will be dedicated to detecting and eliminating amblyopia in Rural and bush Alaskan children.

Honor Julie Smith with the ABCD PlusOptix S08

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