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Referral Criteria for PlusOptix S09


The PlusOptix S09 is an amazing objective vision screening device for programs for several reasons. It is infrared meaning kids don’t shy away from a bright visible flash. It can be very quick taking only about 2-3 seconds to acquire multiple radial digital photoscreening images from which the computer can interpret. It provides useful output for both eyes including the full estimate of glasses power (sphere, cylinder and axis), pupil size and estimated ocular alignment horizontal and vertical.
Unlike almost all other devices, it allows the user to input, and alter the referral criteria!
Why is it important and helpful to be able to change the referral criteria? Because the needs screening program may change for different communities.
For instance, a screening in a Kindergarten close to an eye doctors office may want to refer all kids who have marginal problems (15%) because the follow up exam is affordable. On the other hand, a vision screening program in a rural Alaska village of infants and preschoolers may only wish to refer those screenings with more severe problems because the follow up Confirmatory Exam would require a flight, overnight stay plus rural eye exam costing a family more than $1000.
Using Kindergarten children, ABCD has determined initial referral criteria cut-offs for the PlusOptix S04[1]:

1. Clausen MM, Arnold RW: Pediatric Eye/Vision Screening: Referral Criteria for the PediaVision PlusOptix S04 Photoscreener Compared to Visual Acuity & Digital Photoscreening: “Kindergarten Computer Photoscreening”. Binoc Vis and Strabismus Quart 2007, 22:83-89.

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  Birth to 8 month 9 to 72 months 73-120 months
Anisometropia 1.50 diopters 1.00 diopters 1.25 diopters
Hyperopia 3.00 diopters 2.50 diopters 2.00 diopters
Astigmatism 2.50 diopters 2.25 diopters 1.50 diopters
Myopia 3.00 diopters 2.25 diopters 1.50 diopters
Pupils 1.5 mm 1.5 mm 1.5 mm
Alignment: ABCD has found many children fail to fix on the camera compared to those with amblyopia due to small-angle strabismus alone- so we set the corneal reflex high (10-20)  
If the PlusOptix is unable to give a result, and you know the camera is working and the child is looking, PLEASE REFER THAT CHILD for a Confirmatory Exam!

Hints for entering criteria in PlusOptiX Software under the criteria Tab:

You have to delete every line of criteria up to the one you're wanting to change before it "takes".
-Every month has to be included (Ex. 0 to 8, 8 to 72, etc.) because the software understands it to be "0 to 7 months, 31 days". If you start the next group at 9 months, then 8 month-olds have no cutoff criteria.
-Pressing "Enter" at the end of each criteria line enters the data into the software.



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