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L'Enfant by Diopsys


The L'Enfant vision screening system by Diopsys is an attempt to provide automated, pre-literate estimation of brain acuity (VEP) whereas photoscreening and remote autorefraction provide preliterate screening for optical and anatomic risk factors (anisometropia or strabismus). The Visual Evoked potential (VEP) is a brain-wave test taken while the child views various visual stimuli. L'Enfant makes use of the critical component Patched Acuity Testing. Diopsys has contacted local insurance providers before placing the unit in referring pediatrician's offices. Representatives of Diopsys discuss their technology with Vision Screen pioneer (EyeDx) David Granet, MD (suspenders). ABCD considers L'Enfant a hybrid combination of Sensory and Objective testing.

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