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Iritis Grading Survey

1. This survey evaluates whether videos plus an Iritis Test Kit helps you better examine inflamed eyes.  
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There are two main types of slit lamp; Haag Streit (lamp above) and Zeiss (lamp below)  
Kids Eye Disorders
2. View one or both of the following high-definition videos to custom-adjust your slit lamp:  
  A. Haag Streit Slit lamp Video B. Zeiss Slit Lamp Video  
Vision Screening
3. View this video on iritis- what it is, how to observe and images of an Iritis Test Kit: IRITIS VIDEO  
This is a research study with I.R.B. approval for your safety and your confidentiality.  
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4. View, read and sign- if you wish- the IRB approved Consent Form: CONSENT FORM  
5. Study the numbered "known" iritis kit. Remember to shake and stir before viewing in slit lamp.  
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6. View the second Iritis Test Kit asigning grade 0 through grade 4 to the colored "unknown" vials.  
7. Enter your selection on your IRITIS DATA FORM.  
8. Answer additional questions and comments concerning your learning about slit lamps and iritis.  
  9. email /attach your completed form to    
HaagStreit Slit Lamp
  ...or fax to (907)563-5373    
Zeiss Slit Lamp
      THANK YOU!  
Your Data Form
  Haag Streit Haag Streit slitlamp   Zeiss Zeiss slitlamp    
Consent Form


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