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EYE Surgery Videos

Eye Surgery on VIMEO (High Def)    
ABCD History
Kids Eye Disorders
STRABISMUS:   Cataract- phaco with IOL
Medial Rectus muscle recession Explain cataract surgery
Vision Screening
Lateral rectus recession for exotropia Cataract like a Peach
Rectus muscle Resection Cataract- in a child
ABCD Clinics
Rectus muscle Plication Manual Small Incision Cataract (MISC)
Inferior Oblique Myectomy  
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Superior Oblique Tendon Expander Glaucoma- goniotomy
Transposition Glaucoma- trabeculotomy
Alaska Children's EYE
BOTOX for strabismus Glaucoma- Seton
    Corneal transplant
    Chalazion Tear Duct Orbital Cyst ROP treatment- laser
    Molluscum Ptosis- frontalis sling Ptosis- Levator  
Amblyopia- Shield Occluder        


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