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Corneal Opacity or Scar


The cornea is the clear "window on the front of the white- sclear eyeball. Both cornea and sclera are composed of strong bands of collagen, but the cornea stays clear because the inside endothelium layer pumps water out of the cornea protein. Some children are born with hazy, opaque corneas (Peter's anomaly, Axenfield-Rieger, Sclero-cornea). Other may suffer from corneal scarring from infection, inflammation, or injury.

A hazy or opaque cornea in children can cause severe Deprivational Amblyopia. Corneal opacity can be surgically addressed with corneal transplant or optical iridectomy, but, in children, these procedures can be complicated by refractive error, rejection, glaucoma, cataracts, inflammation and more scarring.

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