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Eye Care Costs in America

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Annual cost to deliver Eye Care for Amblyopia Decade in America:
Amblyopia Decade: First Ten Years
Number of US children in the Amblyopia Decade: 40 Million
Average cost of Eye Exam: $90-100
Average Surgery Center / Anesthesia cost for eye surgery $2000
AAP = American Academy of Pediatrics
AOA = American Optometric Association
VCA = Vision Council of America
The total US Eye Care Costs for the Amblyopia Decade varies by Guidelines for Vision Screening or Comprehensive Exams:
No mandated screening “Trickle In” = $1.1 Billion
AAP Guidelines without objective test(1) = $2.1 Billion
AAP Guidelines with Objective test (i.e photoscreen(2)) = $2.2 Billion
AOA Guidelines without Vision Therapy(3,4) = $4.5 Billion
"Check Yearly. See Clearly"(5) (VCA) = $6 Billion
Total eye care generated by 700 US Pediatric Ophthalmologists = $0.56 Billion

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