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Parents: Key to Amblyopia Cures

Amblyopia is a potentially curable disease that impairs brain learning of vision in 3% of children. Parents are critical to achieving a cure. Parents observe their infants and toddlers promptly notifying their pediatrician if warning signs of vision problems arise. Parents bring their children to vision screening sessions and then respond to the interpretations. Moms and dads bring referred children for Confirmatory Examinations that characterize the type and severity of amblyopia. Parents, like Governor Sarah Palin, familiarize themselves with the complex relationships between refractive error, ocular alignment and brain cortical development and stand between the pediatric ophthalmologist and their child, helping select the best form of amblyopia therapy. Then they pursue a prolonged couse of therapy with spectacles, patching, eye drops and possible surgery. Parents play a vital role in the child's compliance with therapy.
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