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Inconclusive Results?


If the interpretation of your child's ABCD screening is "Inconclusive" you have three options: One is to recontact the ABCD screener and reschedule a repeat vision screening. The second is to persist with the age-appropriate AAP Vision screening guidelines and watch carefully for "Warning Signs." The third is to contact your nearest convenient eye doctor to schedule a comprehensive exam urging them to upgrade your exam to a "Confirmatory Exam" by bringing your ABCD Result Data Sheet with you. Please have your eye doctor send to the ABCD Coordinating Center the outcome of your exam.

The Interpretation Results are circled at the lower left of your child's ABCD data sheet. Inconclusive photoscreens arise when the photographs are not focused, when the child fails to fix on the camera, when the child's pupils are not sufficiently dilated, or when the child closes or moves so NO EYEs are in the photo.

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