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Burma Screen: EeThooThe IDP Camp

Albinism: Astigmatic Amblyopia: Cataract Amblyopia: Central Cataract R: Several of the children in EeThooThe IDP camp had traumatic cataract or corneal injury secondary to the ongoing strife in the Karen State. Those with refractive amblyopia will receive sturdy spectacles from ABCD. Kids at Eye Exam:  
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  Internally Displace Peoples (IDPs) have been dislodged from their homes by the Burma Army and move from place to place in the jungle, or congregate in IDP Camps like Ee ThooThe, a bamboo village of 4000+ IDPs on the banks of the Salween river in Karen State, Burma. Since their own contry has been at war with them for 40+ years, help comes only from folks in organizations like the Free Burma Rangers and Partners.    

Free Burma Rangers sponsored this team to travel with Salween River to Ee Thoo The IDP camp to provide vision screening, eye exams, provide much needed spectacles to the over 4000 recently displaced Karen People living there (December 2007).

Very few of the adults have ever had any glasses, but many need reading glasses or bifocals desperately.

Thai-Burma Vision Medical Mission  
Special thanks to: Camp Leader Peter, Laurie, Isaac, Roger, Sarah, Dave, Luke, Nurse Nancy, Teacher Po Say, Driver Pete  


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