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Nancy Wells, from the Infant Learning Program in Kodiak has been a major ABCD photoscreening advocate initially using the MTI camera purchased by Kiwanas Club there. In late 2004, she purchased a Gateway DV-S20 and she studied the ABCD Clinic Guide DVD for taking and interpreting photoscreens. Nancy noted abnormal light crescents in the left eye of one of the otherwise asymptomatic girls during one of her Kodiak clinics. Nancy correctly identified this as "abnormal" but sent the batch to the ABCD Coordinating Center for Dr. Arnold to confirm the interpretation.

The patient promptly travelled to Anchorage and had a Confirmatory Exam that revealed dense left amblyopia, a cycloplegic refraction of +1.00 and +4.75 with minimal crossing of the left eye. Her parents carefully studied the photoscreening brochure, and returned to review family albums of their child. Two years before, a family flash photo of their girl revealed similar hyperopic crescents.

The patient was enrolled in the Amblyopia Treatment Study with gradual improvement with glasses alone, leading to randomization to a treatment arm with patching 2 hours per day combined with near activities. Home digital flash photography can potentially detect blinding amblyopia very early. Any child who CONSISTENTLY reveals light crescents while fixing directly on the camera should have a confirmatory exam!

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