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MTI Founder Howard Freedman

Photoscreening advocate Sean Donahue marvels at one of the prototypes that made Early Objective Screening possible- if not superior- for screening.
First Marketed in 1995, the MTI Photoscreener was developed by pediatric ophthalmologist, Howard Freedman in Redmond, Washington. Orthoptist Wanda Ottar, and twice Rosebowll Champion, Bill Scott, MD of Univeristy of Iowa performed a ground-breaking validation study. Jeremy Feakins has been involved with production, marketing, and support of "the Photoscreener."

PlusOptix / Pediavision rep Christian Schmidt will preserve this EyeCor prototype; Sehr Gut.

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Howard Freedman describes an initial MTI prototype called the EyeCor camera
Howard Freedman presents this prototype to Robert Arnold of ABCD April 2007 in Seattle
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