Manual or Central

Ottar(1, 2)VIPS(3), VOIC(4, 5), ABCD(6-8)

(+) Simple, sturdy, focus-in-dark, high predictive value possible (-) Polaroid film, needs interpret. no longer available..



(9), VIPS(3), ABCD(10)

(+)excellent centered red reflex and reading center (-) single image- desktop model too large , new hand held quick and portable


User-modified computer

(11), VIPS(3), ABCD(12 , 25,26)

(+) fast and child-friendly, rapid, convenient user output(-) windows computer and firewire cables


Manufacturer-set internal

VIPS(3, 13), VOIC(5, 14), ABCD(10, 15)

(+) Portable and sturdy (-) requires quiet, must request specific VIPS calibration, lacks ideal predictive value . limited support.


Internal Rx only

MEPEDS(16), VIPS(3, 13)

(+) reliable cycloplegic refraction(-) Expensive, close proximity to forehead, no pass/fail

Vision Research



(+) extensive Kindergarten experience (-) 35 mm film camera in frame



(18), ABCD(10, 15)

(+) original  (-) slow serial cables, Not currently available




(+) Hunter and Guyton birefringence foveation (-) available late 2017


Delta-Center Crescent/ central

ABCD(10, 22, 23)

(+) emerging, portable inexpensive cameras (-) few are simple-requires reader , led to Gobiquity.





(+) (-) no longer available

2WIN internal IR (25) adults and kids
Gobiquity internal crescent (26) smart phones, prevalent,
SPOT internal IR photoscreen (25, 26) from Pediavision- now Welch Allyn



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