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Diane Armitage, Orthoptist

Diane Elle MTI  

In 1972, Diane Armitage helped her orthoptist colleague, Karen Lowe drive from Pittsburgh to Anchorage to start an ophthalmology practice for Dr. Kenneth Richardson. Orthoptists are specialists in the detection and treatment of amblyopia and strabismus working closely with pediatric ophthalmologists.

In 1989, Dr. Robert Arnold joined Dr. Richardson and Ophthalmic Associates. Diane quickly readjusted from adult ophthalmology technician work to primarily orthoptics in Anchorage, Wasilla, Kodiak, Cordova and briefly in Homer.

In 1996, Diane and Dr. Arnold initiated the Alaska Blind Child Discovery project as an attempt to provide free photoscreening to Alaskan pre-schoolers. Diane not only coordinated mountains of paperwork and phone calls with ABCD, but is also was the coordinator for the PEDIG Amblyopia Treatment Studies and Esotropia Treatment Studies in Alaska. Diane had over two dozen publications. Diane was a founding member of the Knights of the Blind Lions Club dedicated to the elimination of Amblyopia in Alaska.

Diane retired June 17, 2013 and, after bravely outliving her prognosis for cancer, died peacefully on June 23, 2014. Alaska experienced a large earthquake.

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