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michelle Schmidt

Plusoptix is a company dedicated to objective vision screening run by father-son team of Jurgen and Christian Schmidt from Nuremburg, Germany. They upgraded the PowerRefractor system and have produced three upgrades, the PlusoptiX S04, the S08 and the S09 moving from finicky, Firewire unfriendly Windows to Linux operating system. Plusoptix takes several infrared photoscreen images and digitally processes them to provide a multifaceted referral interpretation, the criteria for which CAN BE USER modified. The age-dependent, user-adjustment allows improvements in sensitivity and specificity to reduce False Positives. Output is by a printed certificate or sticker. Plusoptix is marketed in the US by Pediavision and leased to pediatricians on a very-affordable per-screening rate.


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Brian Arthur and Noelle Matta helped validate Plusoptix- represented by Christian Schmidt        


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