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scott Olson

Researchers at the University of Iowa have contributed greatly to amblyopia reduction and vision screening. Bill Scott and Richard Olson run a "tight ship" training orthoptists, residents and fellows in the precise, and meticulous pursuit of accurate measurements and thorough treatments of children with strabismus and amblyopia. Orthoptist Wanda Ottar first-authored the U of Iowa calibration / validation study of the MTI photoscreener that remains a classicof which EVERY vision screener should avail themselves. Richard Olson championed an internet-based acuity test calibrated with a federal reserve note. In addition to initial validation of MTI, Iowa publishes its results in almost 150,000 childhood MTI community screenings from which their meticulous methodology has produced some of the most cost-effective pre-school vision screening on the planet due to remarkably high PPV and an appropriately low referral rate. Iowa pediatric ophthalmologist Donny Suh makes excelent use of objective photoscreeners in his PEDIG private practice.


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