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David Granet

David Granet

David Granet (green shirt) used an early, consumer flash digital camera connected to a computer to provide the first commercially available, on-site interpreted photoscreener. Many naive observers in the field, including ABCD, complained that his EyeDx had too many False Positives. ABCD apologizes to Dr. Granet when we better understood the legal implications of commercializing a simple-interpreted screening device (legal wants Too Sensitive whereas parents + pediatricians + pediatric eye docs want much more specific). Welch Allyn Suresight persists with Too Sensitive a referral cut-off, also. Dr. Granet combined his digital photoscreener with a community van with readily-available confirmatory exams- a brilliant public health tool later copied by VIPS and MEPEDS. ABCD hopes universal reimbursement of 99174 allows Dr. Granet to resurrect the next version, a Specific portable upgrade of the EyeDx.


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