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A cooperative, charitable research project to vision screen every preschool Alaskan

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A charitable, cooperative project to eliminate amblyopia in Alaska.
ABCD History
1) Alaska is a scenic state; our children deserve to see well
2) Society benefits in the long term from intense amblyopia therapy
3) Amblyopia therapy is more efficient if started early
4) Consistent compliance with amblyopia therapy is a long-term challenge for families
5) Despite mandates and expense, no region in the world monitors amblyopia therapy success
6) The majority of amblyopia cases can be effectively treated with consistent spectacles or contact lenses
7) There is a high rate of spectacle breakage and loss with slow replacement in Alaska
8) The vision gains with amblyopia therapy are permanent after age 8
9) If detected after age 8, amblyopia therapy is still partly effective
10) Some children with amblyopia falsely pass acuity screening by peeking
11) The highest travel cost in Alaska Medicaid has been vision screening follow-up
12) Objective screening for young children has better PPV (Positive Predictive Value)

Enhanced, Cost-Effective AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) Screening
State-of-the-Art PlusOptiX S04 infrared, computer-interpreted Photoscreening
Preschool Photoscreening
Kindergarten Entry Photoscreening
Patched, Surround Validated Acuity Testing
Third-grade “Exit Exam” Sensitive/Specific Acuity Testing
Urgent Durable Spectacles for Amblyopia Therapy
PEDIG State-of-the-Art Amblyopia Therapy
Compliance-Assistance for Patching
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